Johan Åhlgren


Web sites

  • Differentiation – allows you to simplify and differentiate mathematical equations. The frontend uses Mathjax for presentation. The backend is a dotnet core server. Code for parsing the input, and simplifying and differentiating the expression, is F#. The actual web API is C#. The application runs on a Debian server.
  • Scramble – a simple version of the classic game “Scramble”, because… why not? HTML5 canvas, JavaScript.
  • Map quiz – how well do you know the fair city of Göteborg? (In Swedish). HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AngularJS
  • The physical world of James Bond – information and maps about (some of) the James Bond films. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap
  • MOOC – a map of all the online courses (Coursera, Udacity) I have taken. HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Lost Gadgets – my entry in the 2020 Treasure Hunt Jam competition.
  • Track 404 – my entry in the 2020 js13kgames competition.

Source code

  • Diagram generator – creates class relationship diagram for your C# projects. C#, Roslyn Syntax API, PlantUML

A lot of other code can be found at my github page