Johan Åhlgren

Online Version Control with Kiln, part 2

I have now installed a new computer, and needed the source code that I have previously uploaded to my Kiln account (see this post). I therefore installed the Kiln client (log in to the Kiln account, and you will find a “Kiln client and tools” section. Download and install the Kiln client according to the instructions).

I created a new directory called “Delphi”, right-clicked it and selected “TortoiseHg – Clone” from the menu. This displayed the “Clone” dialog. The “Source” edit box should contain the URL of your repository – in my case “”, since my repository is named Delphi. The destination directory should contain the directory I just created. When I clicked “Clone”, I was asked for my password. Once I had entered the correct password, my source code was downloaded and I could start working with it.

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